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The Turing Centre Zurich and the Critical Thinking Initiative of the ETH Zurich

ETH aims to train students in critical and independent thinking. International research has shown that the study of informatics, mathematics, or the sciences does not, by itself, give students a sufficient grounding in critical thinking  - nor in critically examining  their subject’s broader context.  

The advances in computer science, materials science, biology, and other branches of research and technology are changing society in radical and fundamental ways. Therefore students of these subjects must develop a critical awareness of the social context in which they work, and learn to think critically about the potential social consequences of new developments in their fields.

The transdisciplinary nature of the Turing Centre Zurich means that the Centre offers students an ideal environment for critical thinking. At the Turing Centre Zurich, mathematicians, logicians, computer scientists, historians and philosophers collaborate to deliver courses that aim to inculcate a critical attitude and an awareness of context.

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